Live and let lie down to sleep

Appropriately marked as their (00)7th room, Paris's Seven Hotel's James Bond room is sure to have you rogering Moore thanks to its array of slick retro touches, gadgetry, and straight-up opulence. Located in the French capital's Latin Quarter (known for its restos), the room's filled with old-school touches, like a real rotary telephone, and a hidden Champagne compartment in the wall that reveals itself right on Q. Yes, there is a mirror above the bed. And yes, the mirror above the headboard has lasers in it. Hopefully they won't be aimed at your crotch, lest the mirror on the ceiling end up useless.The room comes stocked with every Bond flick to screen on this 62" flatscreen, which has four "mood fragrances" that it periodically releases during the films. Guess they aren't for your eyes only!The bathroom has its own private Turkish steam shower, and even a "gold toilet", something Shirley Bassey certainly didn't mention in the song. As the photo suggests, you'll be the man with the golden gun...lamp, and they'll even have you fitted for a tailored Bond-style suit too. After all, you only live once.