Take a cross-country road trip eating only SPAM

SPAM Kimchi Bowl
Hormel Foods

Not just your pleasant morning email about junk-related medical breakthroughs, SPAM is also a delicious canned meat that we all know & love -- and thanks to a handful of daringgenius eateries stretching from coast to coast, it's now possible to drive clear across the country eating nothing but that canned meat in all its nourishing forms.

SPAM roadtrip map

This is the proteinous route you'll take. Turns out, America's great SPAM places make a sort-of weird "W". Who knew?! We start on the East Coast...

SPAM Kimchi Soup

Danji in New York City for DMZ Ramen:
…In Manhattan, where the mod Midtown Korean joint's dropping a ramen that uses fermented kimchi, pork belly, hot dogs, and SPAM.

SPAM Masubi
Wiki Commons

Waikikie Hawaiian BBQ in Atlanta for SPAM Musubi:
Now, grab a few cans for the road (you can totally eat that stuff cold, yo), and head due south to Hotlanta.

The cats at WHBBQ might not know how to spell Waikiki, but they do know how to grill up some SPAM and serve it Musubi-style -- that's served atop a block of rice & wrapped in dried seaweed.

SPAM Loco Moco

Aloha Eats in Chicago for SPAM Loco Moco:
Drive northwest to Chi-town's Lincoln Park, where you'll start to see the Hawaiians-really-like-SPAM pattern beginning to develop. For only $8.75, Aloha Eats drops SPAM Loco Moco, which's three slices of grilled meat, two eggs (any style), and brown gravy.

SPAM Bites at The Blue Door Pub in the Twin Cities
Heavy Table

The Blue Door Pub in St. Paul, MN for SPAM Bites:
Forgoing the glory that is the SPAM HQ/ Museum in Austin, MN, you'll want to head to St. Paul's Blue Door Pub where they bread SPAM, cream cheese, and a pickle, then deep fry 'em for only $6.50.


Quinton's Deli & Bar in Columbia, MO for a SPAMwich:
The better part of a day heading southwest gets you to Columbia, where the epic sandwichery that is Quinton's slings a classic SPAMwich w/ melted Velveeta & mayo.

SPAM sushi

Avocado California Roll & Sushi with 10 Locales in Texas for SPAM Rolls:
And just like that you're in Texas and have developed rapid-progression diabetes and a heart condition where all ten locations of AC Roll & Sushi have a SPAM sushi roll on their menu.

SPAM Quesadilla
Hormel Foods

Kogi BBQ Food Trucks in LA for Jalapeno SPAM Quesadillas:
From Texas it's a three, maybe four, can-of-SPAM drive to LA, where famous food-trucker Roy Choi has almost always got some type of SPAM-coction on his griddle; be it a quesadilla, or a more complex SPAM kimchi bowl.

SPAM Redonkadonk Burger

Brunch Box Food Cart in Portland, OR for the Redonkadonk Burger:
At this point in the trip, it might be a good idea to just drink water while you're heading north to Portland, because once you get there, the Brunch Box cart is going to drop the most epic burger of your life on you: the Redonkadonk's got grilled cheese sammies for buns, a fried egg, ham, bacon, a burger patty, and, of course, a certain canned meat.

Tons of SPAM
Hormel Foods

Pac Island Grill in Seattle for SPAM On Any Dish:
To finish, make the easy drive north to Federal Way just outside of Seattle, where they one up every other resto on your roadtrip by offering to add SPAM to literally any dish. Now that's something to email a few people about!