This inflatable tent is the future of camping

Anyone who's ever fumbled with a knot of metal while fending off ferocious mosquito attacks and/or the onset of a rainstorm knows that every second saved on tent assembly is precious. Those poles and stakes can make Ikea furniture seem simple, and that's precisely why these inflatable tents by Heimplanet are pure genius.

The German company, founded by not one, but two guys named Stefan, was birthed on a surf trip to Portugal. Being German and all, the duo decided traditional tent building was simply not efficient enough. Their line of tents – Wedge, Cave (pictured), and Maverick – uses special airbeams instead of metal rods, and combines design, stability and efficacy; tents are erected in less than a minute using a pump (bet you can't beat that!). And, unless a storm's a-brewin', they don't even need to be staked. Count Dracula has nothing on these bad boys.

And yeah, air is light, but Heimplanet claims its largest tent, the 140sft Maverick (that beast at the very top of the article), is the most wind-resistant tent in the world, being able to withstand 111mph winds thanks to its intricate “Inflatable Diamond Grid” exoskeleton.

Also, it just looks super futuristic and amazing.

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Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's associate travel editor. She spent two months in a tent in Australia and can't believe she didn't come up with this first. Follow her @Sohostyle