A massive 2 million sqft Doomsday Shelter for RVs

Vivos Survival Shelter & Resort Main

Nuclear war? No problem. Super volcano? Pshhht. Sharknado? Guess what? You're covered for them all. Here's why: you hopped in your RV and headed out to your timeshare at the 2 million sqft underground giant RV park Terravivos Survival Shelter & Resort(!) in Kansas, cause you and Nostradamus are one step ahed of us poor rational folk. Told you this was crazy... BIG. Crazy big.

Vivos Survival Shelter & Resort Top

Previously a military bunker, the underground 60-acre facility is carved out of solid limestone and rests 130ft below the surface. Now all you have to do is figure out where Atchison, KS is.

Vivos Survival Shelter & Resort Map 2

Using your Superman vision, you can see the overall layout, which can accommodate 5,000 people for "a minimum of one year of autonomous survival", so you'll never have to return to the surface. Basically, it's a gamer's paradise.

Vivos Survival Shelter & Resort Guard

That's the security guard gate to the facility. They spared NO expenses on this one.

Vivos Survival Shelter & Resort Gate

This barbed wire fence running the entire property probably won't repel a surging zombie hoard, but you better believe that "No Trespassing" sign will.

Vivos Survival Shelter & Resort Entrance

The entrance is combat-ready with "drive-through blast doors that can withstand a nuclear blast from mere miles away". Other highlights of the compound include: "filtration systems for nuclear radiation", "biological pathogens", and "chemical war gases", but, unfortunately they can't protect you from dad ripping a few in your RV.

Vivos Survival Shelter & Resort Vehicles

Once inside, you'll see the doomsday shelter has enough space for 1,000 recreational trailers/motor homes, as well as the ability to house precious museum artifacts, DNA in cryovaults, volumes of data, and, wait for it, books.

Vivos Survival Shelter & Resort Trailer

After dropping a $5k deposit, the pricing works out to $1,000 per linear foot of their vehicle's length, and a $1,500 charge for a year of food supply per person in your group. You'll connect up to that brown thingy with other RVs and all share a lounge area and bathroom.

Vivos Survival Shelter & Resort Amenities2
<sub>Images: terravivos.com</sub>

Just because everyone's dead doesn't mean you can't have fun! Here're their amenities: wine bar, paintball course, hair salon, shooting range (obvi), dog & cat park, dental clinic, library, hot tubs(!), dance floor, and 5K marathon course, cause if this doesn't work out, running will definitely come in handy later.

Check out more info on this hella weird place at the official site, right here.