In a terrifying turn, Las Vegas is the country's most popular honeymoon destination

Wedding season is over (thank God). But wedding season begets honeymoon season -- and with it, a plethora of annoying photos from sandy beaches and Sandals resorts crowding the Facebook feed while the rest of us singles cry on our keyboards.

But where exactly are these couples going to make everyone so jealous? Well, Facebook pulled data from its users' check-ins to find the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. After crunching the numbers, Facebook found Las Vegas reigns supreme. Because nothing says love quite like Sin City.

While the world as a whole loves Las Vegas, Americans were less likely to go than foreigners; US couples' favorite spot overall was Lahaina, HI, and surprisingly, only 19 percent of American honeymooners traveled internationally.

Here are the top 10 most-loved honeymoon destinations worldwide. You know, because it's where people are going to make love.


10. Gramado, Brazil

What to do there: In the winter, visit Santa's Village (yes, an entire "village" that's Christmas-themed); in the summer, catch a movie at the local film festival; and visit the nearby Caracol Waterfall year-round. 

Most interesting place to consummate the marriage: Try Lago Negro, a scenic faux lake amid stunning natural surroundings; you'll feel like you're half doing it in nature.


9. Castries, St. Lucia

What to do there: Go whale and dolphin-spotting; visit Castries Central Market for a taste of local cuisine; get your rum fix at St. Lucia Distillery.

Most interesting place to consummate the marriage: Sneak behind the stacks at Central Library on Derek Walcott Square, for some literary lovemaking.


8. Antalya, Turkey

What to do there: Marvel at gorgeous architecture in the old Kaleiçi neighborhood; head to Hadrian's Gate for a little history; and splash around the Düden Waterfalls.

Most interesting place to consummate the marriage: Olympos Beach, southeast of the city, is sparsely populated by tourists and offers plenty of shadowy forest.


7. Montego Bay, Jamaica

What to do there: Go on a bobsledding tour; hit Church Street to check out the local architecture; or go diving off Cornwall Beach.

Most interesting place to consummate the marriage: If you can afford it, on a yacht docked at the prestigious Montego Bay Yacht Club. Or, on a bobsled as an homage to Cool Runnings, though you probably won't be able to get away with this.

Flickr/Ben Kucinski

6. Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

What to do there: Hit the links at La Cana Golf Course; saddle up and go horseback riding on the beach; or dive deep and go spelunking. 
Most interesting place to consummate the marriage: For a scenic deflowering (ahem) among the gardenias, try the botanical gardens at the Indigenous Eyes Ecological Park & Reserve.


5. Cancun, Mexico

What to do there: Enjoy Cancun's caribbean beaches; head to archeological site Chichen Itza to explore Maya ruins; and snorkel to check out the Underwater Museum's aquatic sculpture collection.

Most interesting place to consummate the marriage: Get physical on a zip line at Selvatica, or if that's too ambitious, find a secluded spot on the nearby Isla Contoy. Or Señor Frogs, because that kind of thing definitely happens there.

Flickr user Carolyn Coles

4. Playa del Carmen, Mexico

What to do there: Walk along the colonial town's streets, or laze about one of the beachfront resorts; check out the Maya ruins, or spend a day hiking through surrounding jungle land.

Most interesting place to consummate the marriage: Explore an isolated cenote (an underground cave) in Riviera Maya, and pray there are no bats lurking in the darkness.


3. Honolulu, US

What to do there: Watch a hula by sunset and catch a torch lighting at Kuhio Beach Park -- after you've picked out his-and-hers Hawaiian shirts from Bailey's, of course.

Most interesting place to consummate the marriage: Seek out a quiet corner at the less-touristy Kapi'olani Beach Park, or go underwater at Waikiki Aquarium. Just play it off like you're mating dolphins or something.


2. Lahaina, US

What to do there: When you're not lounging on the beach, go whale-spotting; traipse around the city's museums; and check out the architecture of the Courthouse and old missionary homes.

Most interesting place to consummate the marriage: Find a nook in the city's picturesque Library Grounds; with oceanside views, you can appreciate a beachy setting without having to get sand in your nether-regions.


1. Las Vegas

What to do there: Gamble. But when you're not trying win back your losses or the amount you paid for a videographer at the wedding, spend a day hiking one of 19 trails at Red Rock Canyon; by night, soak in glittering views of Sin City from the High Roller.

Most interesting place to consummate the marriage: Join the Mile High Club aboard your very own private jet with views of the strip, or venture a little out of the city for a memorable sojourn in the dusty ghost town of Rhyolite, neglected since the 1920s.