NYC is voted America's snobbiest city. Sigh.

In a classic case of the kettle calling the pot black, Travel + Leisure readers (of all people) recently voted on America's snobbiest cities. Yea, they do it every year as part of their "Favorite Places" survey, and it's based on some vague criteria that include things like the number of wine bars, museums/culture, and level of cleanliness (!!). Seriously, that city is waaaay too clean -- they are so f*&k#ng full of themselves. 

Other than New York, which we've already alluded to in the headline, what other random cities (spin the wheel!) made this year's most pretentious list? Let's take a cynical look.

10. Providence, RI

Why it's snobby: Who knows? This one doesn't even make sense. Newport, definitely; that's a slam dunk. But Providence? Corrupt, sure. Pretentious, not so much.

9. Salt Lake City, UT

Why it's snobby: Maybe because they're too good for beer with more than 4% ABV. In a weird twist of survey logic, Salt Lake City is both the ninth snobbiest city and SECOND friendliest city in America. You tell us how that works.

8. San Francisco, CA

Why it's snobby: The foodies, the hipsters, the stifling air of overcompensation -- this one actually feels right, no? And we didn't even mention the entitled techies making the world a better place with apps to track your bowel movements.

7. Dallas, TX

Why it's snobby: We're assuming because there's an abundance of oil money, posh boutique hotels, and well-to-do Southern housewives who condescendingly talk down to the baristas at Starbucks? Maybe?

6. Tampa, FL

Why it's snobby: Apparently watching their Bucs get straight murdered twice already this season isn't enough to humble these incredibly tidy snobs, who seem to have made the list because their city is so damn clean.

5. Boston, MA

Why it's snobby: Harvard, hands down -- we dare you to find a more insufferable place. Arrogance just oozes from it.

4. Washington, DC

Why it's snobby: Museums, of course! There're tons of them. And, like, a million rich politicians who at their very core think they're better than everybody else.

3. Los Angeles, CA

Why it's snobby: It's a city dominated by obsessed narcissists desperate for the attention their parents wouldn't give them. Again, we're speculating here.

2. Miami

Why it's snobby: There's always a party in Miami, and you're never invited. Yep, even the crappy South Beach clubs have super-selective guest lists.

1. New York City, NY

Why it's snobby: Ummm, they live in a bubble and think the world revolves around it? That, or they have waaaay too many wine bars.