Ziplines, hot air balloons, and other crazy places to eat

Red Lobster has some amazing Cheddar Bay Biscuits, but suspiciously can't point you to said Cheddar Bay to feast on them bountifully. Luckily, we've unearthed 10 restaurants in actually awesome (and real) locations that'll surely sate your cravings for travel and taste alike

The Grotta Palazzese in Italy is set in a cave that looks out over the sea.

The Rock, Zanzibar. Like the one in SF, it also has dudes behind bars.

Ali Barbours is in a cave... on a beach... in Mombasa

Banyan Tree, Maldives. They'll take you to a sandbank by speedboat, and deliver food, wine, and just a liiiiitle privacy.

This is the Sanyou Cave above the Chang Jiang river in China. A small community has developed around it. But at the top, you'll find..

... the Fangweng Restaurant built into a bat-cave (not to be confused with The Batcave).

The Yellow Treehouse Restaurant in New Zealand was originally built from stuff found in the phonebook as a promotional stunt, but they soon discovered it was actually freaking awesome, and kept it.

The Dining Pod at Soneva Kiri, Koh Kood, Thailand -- get winched 16 feet into the air then have a waiter zipline over to you with your food

Villa Escudero Waterfalls Restaurant, The Philippines. There's a sweet waterfall here, so naturally they threw some bamboo tables into the river below, and started serving local food

Conrad Underwater Restaurant, The Maldives. Like all great Hiltons, it's got lots of crabs.

Snow Village, Finland. They rebuild this restaurant every year, and then start serving reindeer meat in it. Donner kebobs, maybe

CuliAir Skydining, The Netherlands. Taking you to a pants-wettingly high altitude, the chef actually uses the balloon's heat to cook the food. They've won awards too, so it's not just hot air

HR Giger Museum, Switzerland. So, you'll basically be eating inside the set of Alien. The food's good too, so you'll be about ready to burst when you leave

Floyd's Pelican Bar, Jamaica. It's a third of a mile out to sea, and it takes 20mins to sail out there. Water water everywhere and, like, tons to drink.

Restaurant de Kas, The Netherlands. This place both grows, and serves all its food inside this giant greenhouse, and you know the Dutch grow some good herbs.

Sanyou Cave above the Chang Jiang river
Fangweng Restaurant
Fangweng Restaurant