The 20 Most Weather-Delayed Flight Routes in America

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There are certain airport names that strike fear into the hearts of frequent flyers, especially when there's bad weather: names like “O’Hare” and “JFK.” Names you immediately associate with painful hours spent in boarding-lounge chairs and eating cardboard-tastic meals from Hudson News.
And sure, by now we all know a trip through any of those airports is an almost-automatic delay, but forget specific airports -- which actual ROUTES are most often delayed due to snow, rain, and whatnot? From any airport. On any airline.

To find out, the folks at Stratos Jet Charters crunched US Department of Transportation data for over 4 million flights and identified the 20 most weather-delayed routes in America. (Because what better way to convince you that a chartered jet is worth the money than explicitly showing you how often the airlines -- and Mother Nature? -- waste your time.)

Here are the flights (across all airlines) and the average number of weather delays per year for each. Consider yourself warned.

20. Phoenix Sky Harbor -- Flagstaff Pulliam, AZ (112 delays per year)
19. Baltimore-Washington International -- Chicago O’Hare (117)
18. McAllen (TX) International -- Dallas/Fort Worth (119)
17. LaGuardia Airport -- Minneapolis-St. Paul (120)
16. Yeager Airport (Charleston, WV) -- Chicago O’Hare (121)
15. Northwest Arkansas Regional Airport -- LaGuardia Airport (130.64)
14. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta -- Blue Grass Airport (Lexington, KY) (132.6)
13. Roswell (NM) International Air Center -- Dallas/Fort Worth (136)
12. Reagan Washington National -- Salt Lake City (136.5)
11. Southwest Florida (Fort Myers) International -- LaGuardia Airport (137.9)
10. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta -- Yeager Airport (Charleston, WV) (139.64)
9. John F. Kennedy International -- Denver International (139.85)
8. McGhee Tyson (Alcoa, TN) -- Chicago O’Hare (141.27)
7. Clinton National Airport (Little Rock, AR) -- Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta (143.33)
6. Baltimore-Washington International -- Detroit Metro (143.37)
5. Sloulin Field (Williston, ND) -- Denver International (143.82)
4. Eppley Airfield (Omaha, NE) -- Chicago O’Hare (144.73)
3. Raleigh-Durham International -- LaGuardia Airport (161.15)
2. Norfolk (VA) International -- Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta (181.1)
1. South Bend (IN) International -- Chicago O’Hare (186.85)

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