The 9 best airport Sbarros in the world

History is littered with classic combos. Hall & Oates. Crockett and Tubbs. ACTUAL, PIZZERIA PRETZEL COMBOS. And among that pantheon, one pair stands out in the travel world: Airports and Sbarro.

It's nearly impossible to pass through airport security without removing your belt or inhaling the greasy plumes of the ubiquitous pizza-by-the-slice chain. With that in mind, we set out to find the crème de la crème of airport Sbarros.

Here are the nine best airport Sbarros in the entire world. This is important.

The Sbarro in Orlando International Airport Terminal A

After a long week of character breakfasts at Disney, a man needs to re-enter the real world. And what better way than with a slice of pizza?! Good thing the MCO Sbarro has exactly that: pizza, that comes in slices. And you can get as many as you want! It’s basically exactly like an all-you-can-eat unlimited buffet for one low price, except you have to pay for every slice individually, and it adds up quickly because you’re in an airport.

The Sbarro in JFK Terminal 1

The greatest thing about the Sbarro in JFK Terminal 1? It’s pre-security! That’s right: even without buying a fancy, expensive plane ticket, you can still waltz right in after taking a $70 cab, and get what you need: a half-dozen garlic breadsticks and a Meat Delight slice. And everyone knows that New York pizza is the best in the world.

The Sbarro at McCarran International Airport Terminal 1

Whenever you leave Las Vegas, everyone asks if you won. When they see you holding a ham, pineapple, and bacon slice from Sbarro, they won’t. Because they'll already know the answer.

The Sbarro in Charlotte Douglas International Airport Concourse C

On the CLT website, this Sbarro is listed as “kid-friendly”. And you know what? The CLT website is totally correct! Kids love the pizza the Charlotte Concourse C location pumps out. But so do grownups. This is truly pizza for any palate -- literally, since the wooden pallets all the ingredients were trucked in on are pretty generic and it doesn't matter which one you use.

The Sbarro at Seattle Tacoma Airport Terminal B

What’s the one thing they don’t have at Pike Place Market? You guessed it: a joint where you cook your own dry-aged steaks over an open flame, while hula dancers hand-toss salads you won’t dare eat, because this is a steak joint, dammit. But another thing is Sbarro. Good thing Seattle is literally too far from anywhere to drive, so when you leave, you end up here.

The Sbarro at Jacksonville International Airport

Jacksonville might just be the only Sbarro that serves pizza stuffed with pepperoni, sausage, and cheese. It also might not be! But who’s to say, really.

The Sbarro at Minneapolis-St Paul International Airport Concourse E

Where does Gordon Bombay eat when he flies out of MSP? Trick question: Gordon Bombay doesn’t fly anywhere, because he gave up his extremely well-compensated job as a high-powered corporate lawyer to coach a bunch of pee-wee hockey kids/bang one of their moms, and is now poor. But if none of that were the case, I imagine he’d love the Chicken and Broccoli Stromboli right here.

The Sbarro in Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport Terminal 3

In Phoenix, they have harbors in the sky and Sbarros in the food court. Some of the chairs in said area even have arms. You just don’t see a ton of examples reaching this level.

The Sbarro in Boston Logan International Airport

“How you like ‘dem apples?” “Do you mean the ones in this delicious 16oz, 170-calorie Fruit Salad Cup from Sbarro?” “Yes, of course I am referring to those apples.” “Well, I must say, they’re unsurprisingly quite good. Thank you for your curiosity.” “Yeah, well I got her number.” “Huh?”

Tuck Danbridge also enjoys eating products from Auntie Anne's Pretzels while in airports, specifically the pretzel dogs. With a side of nacho cheese. So, just keep that in mind.

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