The Best City for Buying Your First Home Is...


Purchasing your own home for the first time is an absurdly joyous, monumental life experience akin to landing your first job, getting engaged, or trying a really perfect sandwich

Unfortunately, because big cities are no less expensive than they were yesterday, your first home isn't necessarily going to be in New York. Or LA. Or San Francisco. But that doesn't mean living in a city is entirely off the table and you have to move to rural Nebraska. You're just definitely not moving to New York.

To help you find the right place for that first home, Wallet Hub ranked the best and worst cities for first-time homebuyers in 2015, comparing every US city based on things like housing costs, real-estate taxes, and property crime rates.

Based on the findings, it looks like your first home is probably going to have to be in a city in Colorado or Texas. While numerous cities in those two states dominated the top 10 (Centennial, CO in no. 3; Allan, TX in no. 2), the no. 1 spot went to Overland Park, Kansas. It has a mall with a ferris wheel in it, so we're okay with this.

For comparison, LA was ranked no. 47, San Francisco was ranked no. 53, Chicago was ranked no. 56, and NYC came in at... no. 295. Let's put it this way: if you ever get the point where you're buying like, your ninth home, then you can probably get one in New York.

Check out the full top 10, as well as an interactive map of the country below:

10. Thornton, CO
9. Longmont, CO
8. McKinney, TX
7. Carrollton, TX
6. Plano, TX
5. Frisco, TX
4. Broken Arrow, OK
3. Centennial, CO
2. Allen, TX
1. Overland Park, KS

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