The Best Cities in the World for Dating, According to Men and Women

Published On 08/14/2015 Published On 08/14/2015

Dating is hard, no matter where you live or what dating app you're pretending to be a cupcake on. But some cities are easier than others (hint: most of them are not in the US).

To prove it, dating service Coffee Meets Bagel has released two rankings of the easiest cities in the world to date -- one according to men, the other according to women. The data comes from the app's users, who were asked about everything from how many eligible singles there are in their cities, to how much they're willing to spend on the first date. 

The results show that things are, unsurprisingly, very different for men and women. While Hong Kong seems to be the easiest place for men to date, it's ranked no. 6 for women. Women ranked London and San Francisco higher than men did. However, both men and women think dating in Sydney is easy (it came in at no. 1 for women, and no. 2 for men). We get it, Sydney, you have lots of stupidly attractive people.

Though New York and San Francisco made the cut, non-US cities dominate the list. So, good news: it's not you, it's America.

Here's the full breakdown:

For men:
6. San Francisco 
5. Toronto 
4. London 
3. New York
2. Sydney 
1. Hong Kong 

For women:
6. Hong Kong 
5. New York
4. Toronto 
3. San Francisco
2. London
1. Sydney

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