The Best Country for Solo Travelers Is...

Published On 06/11/2015 Published On 06/11/2015

Traveling by yourself doesn't have to be a lonesome experience; in fact, you may appreciate your surroundings more without your significant other/family/best friend complaining for that entire hike. It's also one of those bucket-list experiences you need to check off, like dining alone or seeing a movie alone... except, you know, more expensive and further from your house. 

Travel + Leisure has released its 2015 list of the best countries for solo travelers, to aid you in your quest for me-time. T+L used data from the Happy Planet Index, which looks at environmental impact and human well-being in 151 countries, as well as the Global Peace Index, which ranks 162 nations based on their peacefulness -- so you can find enjoy your solo-travel without being kidnapped. New Zealand is the winner, which makes sense because you really don't want to expose anyone else to your LOTR geek-outs. Norway comes in second, and Switzerland in third; the United States did not make it onto the list.

Check out the top 10 below, and be sure to give your family a really pleasant excuse for why you don't want them to accompany you on your next trip.

10. Indonesia
8. Sweden (tie)
8. Japan (tie)
7. Chile
6. Vietnam
5. Austria
4. Costa Rica
3. Switzerland
2. Norway
1. New Zealand 

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