Eagle Beach State Recreation Area | John Hyde/Getty Images
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All The Adventures You Must Have On Your Next Trip To Juneau

From hiking through an arctic rainforest to scaling a massive blue glacier, here are all the best things to do during your visit to Juneau, Alaska.

Half-day adventure

Locals boarding a seaplane | Mike Sabina
Stephen Van Derhoff / Spirit Walker Expeditions
Lone cyclist in Portage Glacier, Alaska | alanbassett/Shutterstock
Gastineau Guiding's "Whales, Glaciers & Rainforest Trails" tour | Zachary Kelly
Determined pups pulling a dogsled | Allen.G/Shutterstock
Fly-fishing in Juneau | Bear Creek Outfitters

Full-day adventure

Angsty bear cub broods on Admiralty Island | John Hyde / Design Pics/Getty Images
Dawes Glacier, Tracy Arm Wilderness Area | Sergi Reboredo/VW PICS/UIG/Getty Images
Glacier viewing from a packed canoe | Don Paulson Photography/Getty Images
Couples kayaking! | Connor Callaghan / Above & Beyond Alaska

Adventure Outside Juneau

A train chugs along the Yukon route | White Pass Railroad