The camper that's also a boat

If, like most people, you've had to face the harsh decision of whether to drag your boat or your camper to the nearest KOA, you need to check out the Sealander: a fully functioning caravan that turns into a freaking motorboat.

It's pretty lightweight and compact, and it can be pulled as easily as a caravan by small sedans.

To exploit its land-based uses, just pitch up like, anywhere, lower the support, and open up the retractable roof. It'll seat six inside, and also features....

... a diverse interior that can be re-configured with a host of add-ons, from a mounted onboard BBQ to an MP3-ready audio package -- and that's not to mention the standard large adjustable bunk.

When you want to use its water-based functionality (or are just bored of it), just roll it backwards into the water.

She's fitted with an outboard motor, meaning you will be anything but.