This hotel is run by robots

Ensuring you never again have to deal with a cranky concierge, or bellman, or bartender, or housekeeper, or... you get the point, the futuristic Pengheng Space Capsules Hotel in Shenzhen, China, has done away with earthlings altogether, creating a hotel staffed almost entirely by robots.

cafe area

Tricked out with blue LEDs, shiny metals, and space-themed mod furniture, the place looks like the set of a sci-fi flick.

lounge cafe

Ideal for antisocial travelers and people who prefer to text than talk, food and drinks are ordered via iPad and delivered by...

...this little guy. Isn't he so affable with those heart-shaped eyes? Let's just hope it doesn't go all I, Robot on you.

capsule rooms

For a mere $11, you'll spend a comfortable night in your own private capsule just waiting for word of an impending Cylon attack.

capsule room

Tablets -- apparently queued up with pics of sexy half-naked ladies -- are provided in each pod, as are flatscreen TVs.

blue hallway

Throughout the hotel, there's also an internet cafe, communal bath and laundry rooms, lockers, and a lounge area.

Okay, so apparently there are humans lingering about somewhere, or at least one -- the dude at the front desk. In addition to checking you in, he spends his lonely days tightening screws and changing robot oil. Or something like that.

Ready to blast off? Check out the hotel and book your cyborg stay here.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's über-efficient German associate travel editor, and legitimately concerned about a robot takeover in our near future. Follow her @Sohostyle