Go back to school... willingly

Potentially the fist swanky college hotel since, well, ever, University of Minnesota-perched Commons has boutique charm but enough rooms to house all of those crazy neuroscience professors Wisconsin fans in town for the border battle

Surely meant to echo the studying accomplished in U of M's actual libraries, the main lobby has a nerdy outdoorsman aesthetic going on, thanks to a combo library/fire pit area

Other amenities include a billiards room in their craft resto Beacon Public House

Tragically, it cannot be said that no barns were harmed in the making of Beacon's boozery, so it's a good thing you can drown your sorrows with a craft bourbon-based menu

On it's resto side, Beacon dishes a meaty menu sporting everything from a Roquefort-crusted filet to venison satay sourced from Elk River, MN

Plaid wall-paper, old-school globes, couches, even windows: this standard-size guest room has it all

"Queen Queen" deluxes are also Killer. R.I.P Freddie Mercury

And if you want something really suite, try on the penthouse-style "Presidential", the first that the U has ever actually produced.

Photos: Commons Hotel