The 10 dumbest things TSA confiscated this December


2,106. As of two weeks ago, that's the record-breaking number of guns confiscated by the TSA in 2014. The national security body even recently held a refresher course on what not to bring to the airport, but idiots STILL don't get it, based on all the confiscated weapons appearing on TSA's Instagram account.

December always proves a busy time for air travel, given the holidays, and accordingly, the TSA was as busy as ever taking your guns, grenades, and bongs packed in peanut butter out of your carry-ons. Seriously, people, stop packing heat on your flight.

These are the 10 craziest items confiscated by the TSA this month.

Bong hidden in a tub of peanut butter

Guaranteed this dude thought he was a step behind Einstein when he schemed this one up. Unfortunately, smoking weed doesn't have the same effects as taking the pills from Limitless.

Creepy keychain/brass knuckles

You're not fooling anyone with this.

A loaded gun

And not just a loaded gun. But a loaded gun with an extra clip. It's like a double-whammy of stupid.

A knife

OK, a knife by itself isn't that big of a deal. But a knife taped to a suitcase handle, inside the zipper lining? Well, valiant, albeit stupid, effort. Maybe just check that bag next time, pal.

Disassembled .22, with Spongebob game

Unclear which is the worse life choice here: attempting to bring a handgun on a plane, or having purchased a Spongebob PS2 game.

Belt buckle knife

Unless you're a patron at the Double Deuce, or possibly a really dumbed-down version of James Bond, there's really no point in walking around with one of these, let alone trying to sneak one on to a plane.

"Wild Bill Hickok" gun knife with bullet knife

This is stupidity squared: a gun that's actually a knife, and a bullet that's actually a knife. Except guns, bullets, and knives are all forbidden. Stupid.

Smoke grenade and two bullets

A smoke grenade is probably better than a real grenade, but it still doesn't explain why you'd have two bullets, or think you can bring any of this stuff on the plane.

A giant pair of scissors and normal-sized knives

Who even owns scissors this big?

A machete

Now there's an answer for how Jason Voorhees manages to get to all the places he keeps popping up and chopping people up, like when he got on that boat in Friday the 13th Part VIII: Jason Takes Manhattan. Except now his weapon of choice is verboten.