The 10 dumbest things travelers did in 2014

Tourists are always finding ways to embarrass themselves. Wearing fanny packs, taking hot dog leg pics, and visiting overrated attractions -- there are a million ways to look like an idiot.  But 2014 provided a handful of new ways they managed to look completely asinine, like when pooping in pools became a fad. That's an idea nobody needed to float, and thankfully, the trend appears to have sunk.

Pool-pooping included... these are the dumbest things tourists did in 2014.

Wuss passes out repeatedly on roller coaster

Plenty of people scream on roller coasters that hurl them 390ft in the air. But one British tourist proved to be a gigantic wuss when riding the Sling Shot at Orlando’s Magical Midway theme park in October when he passed out not once, not twice, but THREE times. Fortunately for the Internet, video evidence of his wussdom exists.

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'Mean Girls' tweets get guy booted

YouTube star and blogger Matthew Lush (sounds legit) expressed his displeasure over a billing dispute over Thanksgiving by dissing a JetBlue employee named Regina in a series of tweets referencing the 2004 film. JetBlue’s response? “You can’t sit with us."  The airline denied Lush from boarding the plane, and he was subsequently hit by a bus. OK, only the first part actually happened.

Guy loses fingers on Pirates of the Caribbean

Here's a cautionary tale for anyone who thinks they’re too cool for the “arms and legs inside the ride” rule. Things got out of hand on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney World, Florida in July when a British tourist had two of his fingertips sliced off. Unfortunately, they didn't replace his missing digits with a hook. That would have been pretty cool, though.

Idiots call 911 from corn mazes

The world’s largest corn maze in Dixon, CA perplexed visitors so much this year that a number of them resorted to calling 911 to help them escape. You know, the place you call during heart attacks and car crashes. What makes it worse: visitors are given maps to complete the maze and told not to call 911. It's not life or death, people. It's a maze made of maize.

Hammered guy triggers hijack alert

Free liquor is all top-shelf and fine when you're flying Virgin Australia, but this particular passenger on a flight from Brisbane to Bali in April had a bit too good of a time, eventually mistaking the cockpit for the bathroom, and inadvertently triggering a hijacking alert. Thankfully for the pilots, he and his joystick were not able to pee all over the instrument panel.

Abbey Road webcam captures morons

Just about any time you try to re-enact a famous pose or photo, you're probably gonna look more stupid than cool. Well, enter the webcam for London’s Abbey Road – the famous crosswalk featured as cover art of the Beatles’ album of the same name. Needless to say, the countless tourists trying to emulate the Fab Four end up looking far less like Ringo and far more like dingbats. Although it's debatable if that's truly worse.

Tourist fined $25K for tagging the Colosseum

Not satisfied with taking a selfie or buying an overpriced souvenir, one Russian tourist visiting the Colosseum this November decided to literally leave his mark on the Roman icon, scrawling the letter “K” on the wall instead. He was caught in the act, however, and later fined nearly $25,000 for the damage. He's likely kicking himself for not just splurging on a $15 knick-knack.

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Man flies to Grenada, not Granada

It took two passengers until they were mid-air to realize their British Airways flight from London was heading to the Caribbean island of Grenada, and not the Spanish city of Granada, their intended destination. While it was really the airline’s fault, neither the man nor his partner noticed the spelling error at the gate, or anywhere else before the flight. Lesson: don't book flights to Granada. Or, just make sure your 2-hour flight isn't 10 hours for no reason.

Pooping in pools becomes a trend

This summer, a hotel in Turkey took a lot of crap from its guests – so much in its swimming pools, in fact, that it started charging anyone caught dropping deuces in the water more than $2,000. The trend, known as "logging" was responsible for shutting down the pools a total of nine times. Almost makes you pine for the halcyon days of planking.

Dude gets stuck in German vagina sculpture

An exchange student with a serious Oedipus complex got himself stuck inside a giant marble vagina sculpture in Germany this June, after a bet he made with his friends went all kinds of wrong. Embarrassingly, he had to be pushed out of the sculpture, and the statue wasn't even beaming with pride after all that effort.

Chloe Pantazi is an editorial assistant on Thrillist's travel team, and is never dipping into a hotel swimming pool without checking the water first. Follow her on Instagram and Twitter @ChloePantazi.