China wants to build a futuristic floating city

Because apparently no one in China's ever spent a rainy Saturday afternoon watching Waterworld on USA Network, a group of developers have proposed constructing a futuristic floating city off the country's coast.

While the goal is to provide housing for China’s severely overpopulated cities, the floating city's also meant to become a tourist destination; early designs include multiple luxury hotels, a stadium, a music venue, an amusement park, restaurants, shops, and even docks for cruise ships, private boats, and submarines.

The four-square-mile island will be made of prefabricated hexagonal modules and connected by underwater tunnels.

The aforementioned submarines, electric boats, and other zero-carbon modes of transport will move residents around while keeping the island free of pollution.

Even better, the eco-island will be totally self-sufficient, with vertical gardens, farms, fish hatcheries, a power generator, and waste and trash management systems.

As well as this stunning tower and atrium.

All of it sound a little too Jetsons-like to be true? Well, it probably is. But whatever, the China Transport Investment Company is reportedly reviewing the proposal, and if approved, construction may begin on a smaller version as soon as next year.

Sophie-Claire Hoeller is Thrillist's über-efficient German associate travel editor, and she's just waiting for those flying suitcase cars to happen. Follow her @Sohostyle