Better than alright

Good news! It doesn't actually cost a grand (OK, maybe the Presidential Suite does) to stay at the Grand Hotel Minneapolis, making the classy downtown host to everyone from the Yankees to Lady Gaga a pretty good option for the common man as well

Tradition meets modern at the newly-updated Grandpappy of Mpls hotels, as evidenced by the eclectic milieu of the lobby lounge. "Rawr!", says the lion

The first-floor's Six15 room is the house bar & resto, luring you in with "artisanal samplings and creative cocktails".

Meanwhile, the second floor houses Rare Steak & Sushi, which is one of the few upscale steakhouses that can pull off all-you-can-eat sushi for less than $30 on Sunday afternoons

A fairly standard (for them), fairliy modern (for them) room

Oh deer! This room's a bit more traditional, but still quite nice

Then again, this is suite

Photos: Grand Hotel Minneapolis