America now has its own terrifying bull runnings!

Running of the Bulls

You know the Running of the Bulls? That annual marathon in Spain where locals poke and agitate cattle so they'll chase after them through narrow streets? Well there's a version making its way stateside called The Great Bull Run that's ready to give Americuh a chance to live out their dreams of becoming a rodeo clown...or a pin cushion

The intense dude-cow race will operate much like the traditional one in Pamplona, as hourly waves of up to 1,500 death-wishers sprint with 12 bulls, all the while ducking, dodging, and jumping to avoid possible impalement. Sounds fun right? Well it doesn't stop there

After risking life and limb (yawn) to cross one more thing off your bucket list, prepare to make tons of spaghetti sauce in the epic Tomato Royale: a marinara massacre pitting you against your fellow running mates in an all out tomato free-for-all, though fortunately for the cows, they won't be turned into spicy meat-ah-balls.

Once you've painstakingly removed all that tomato sauce from yourself and finished generalizing Italians, the party'll keep going with live bands, mad tasty food, (probably) fun games, and ice cold brews, your relaxation aided by the knowledge that, unlike at the overseas race, the bulls are treated humanely and managed by professional bull handlers


Running of the Bulls
Tomato fight
Festival party