The World's Happiest Country Is...

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You don't need to wear an Arby's hat or even be a Minion to understand what being happy means. In fact, getting that song stuck in your head kinda does the opposite. But that's not just a thing in the US -- and according to the latest rankings of the happiest countries, America doesn't even crack the top 10.

The scores are in for the 2015 World Happiness Report, and it turns out, the land of watches, being neutral, and the adopted home of Shania Twain -- Switzerland -- has been crowned the happiest nation on Earth. The 172-page report, compiled by the UN General Assembly, factors in six key issues in its rankings, including GDP per capita, life-span, social support, trust in government and businesses, perceived freedom to make life decisions, and generosity. So it turns out that the Von Trapps were on to something -- and not just escaping Nazis, of course.

Nordic countries dominate the top 10, with Iceland coming in second, Denmark in third, and Norway in fourth. And Canada gets the last laugh over the US, snagging fifth place. It probably has to do with the poutine. The US finally makes the scoreboard at no. 15, so Americans will just have to console themselves with gigantic food portions and gadgets made in China. It's not all so bad.

Check out the top 10, and then figure out where you're gonna go to get your happy on.

10. Australia
9. New Zealand
8. Sweden
7. Netherlands
6. Finland
5. Canada
4. Norway
3. Denmark
2. Iceland
1. Switzerland