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Finally, there will be a SPACE AIRPORT

"Houston, we have a problem" should only refer to the Astros at this point, because "not having a space airport concept" is no longer an issue in Texas' largest city. Yup, dudes just released renderings for the future of Ellington Airport: the Houston Spaceport. Here, friend, take a look:

Houston Airport System
The Houston Spaceport, crazily, isn't the first proposed spaceport in the US (there're eight others). When/ if it's completed, it'll be a one-stop-space-travel shop with onsite component fabrication, space vehicle assembly, micro-satellite launches, astronaut training, zero gravity experimentation, and space tourism.
Houston Airport System
Aside from its characteristically futuristic vibe, and the fact that you will be going there specifically for SPACE VACATIONS, the Houston Spaceport will be a lot like the standard, terminal-based terrestrial airports you're used to.
Houston Airport System
What'll be departing outta the Spaceport, you ask? Spaceships, idiot! It'll be airplane-looking Reusable Launch Vehicles (RLVs) that eschew that wonky vertical sh*t in favor of horizontal runway take-offs.
Houston Airport System
"Hey, I can see Uranus from here!" "No you can't... WAIT A SECOND!"
Houston Airport System
Hang on... retired Greyhound buses? Alright, on second thought -- Houston, we do have a problem. Take me back to the Park-n-Ride!

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