Gear up for credit card camping in scenic Aspen

Because hiking treacherous mountains would suck without lots of snack care packages, Aspen's Limelight Hotel is offering avid adventurers & aspiring lumberjacks a new way to explore the local hills and streams with their Aspen-Crested Butte package

Start your mountain escapade in contemporary comfort, enjoying world-class views from within the spacious, amenity-laden accommodations that every hardcore outdoorsman needs

Once you've soaked up all that relaxation, it's time to set sail on your journey (with an assortment of local, organic snacks, of course) to Crested Butte, which is a 100 mile drive from Aspen, only a 6-hour, 11 mile luxury hike through the mountains

You'll be provided with map, but just in case you're directionally challenged or happen to eat a berry you probably shouldn't have, the hotel is setting you up with a Spot Satellite GPS Messenger, which'll allow you to track your progress and send a distress signal, in case you (gasp) run out of organic snacks

Barring any encounters with organic-food-hungry local wildlife, private transportation will meet you at the trailhead and whisk you the newly renovated Nordic Inn for two nights hot tubbing

And if you're wondering how you'll be getting back to Aspen, you can opt for a shuttle ride, or opt-in for a helicopter lift, which'll provide additional sightseeing and exploration

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