The Seattle grunge experience, now with less grunge

At the intersection of Seattle's downtown and the nightlife-heavy Belltown district, the historic Moore Hotel is an affordable, no-frills overnighter perched atop the eponymous theater where the video for Pearl Jam's Evenflow was shot, though thanks to some recent renovations, you won't have to rest your head on a pillow of concrete. Whoah yeah

If you're lucky you'll score a room with a view that appears to be mostly of rooms in other buildings, but still, it's a view.

Suites come with their own kitchen

If multiple people want to sleep with you, you're either very lucky, or have, like, a family and stuff, and will need a room with two queens

Claw foot tubs, decorative molding, and restored marble are just a few of the vintage touches dating to the early 1900s

Thankfully, much of the lobby only dates to the beginning of this century

In addition to the famed Moore Theater, the hotel shares the building with the Nitelite Lounge, which's spent years earning its rep as one Seattle's best dives since that one Eddie Vedder totally took into the crowd back in 1992.