The Most Affordable US City for Singles Is...


Look, dating is hard -- sometimes you accidentally swipe left on someone that was definitely your soulmate; other times you meet some someone on the train or in a coffee shop that seems really great, but then you find out they're still listening to "Trap Queen" on repeat. When you actually do get a date with someone you're excited about, it can cost you your entire retirement fund (just kidding... you don't have one of those.)

To help you get out there without going into bankruptcy, GOBankingRates analyzed 89 major US cities, comparing costs of rent and "wardrobe staples" (business shoes, sport shoes, jeans, and a dress were averaged -- why this outfit wasn't accounted for, we don't know); plus date nights and gym memberships. The result is the 15 most affordable cities for singles.

Reno, NV comes in at no. 1., with average gym memberships at $20.67, average date nights at $97.30, and apparently, 86 cents per square foot for rent. The only problem, of course, is that you'd actually have to live in Reno. In at no. 2 is Tucson, AZ, and in no. 3, Grand Rapids, MI. Cities like NY, LA, and SF are notably nowhere to be found on the list, so if you live there, hopefully you've been rationing Orange is the New Black episodes. 

Check out the full list below:

15. Chattanooga, TN
14. Omaha, NE
13. Stockton, CA
12. Jackson, MS
11. St. Louis, MO
10. Memphis, TN
9. Huntsville, AL
8. Albuquerque, NM
7. Little Rock, AR
6. Mesa, AZ
5. Indianapolis, IN
4. Tacoma, WA
3. Grand Rapids, MI
2. Tucson, AZ
1. Reno, NV

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