The Most Expensive Airbnb in 25 Major American Cities

Miami airbnb villa
Courtesy of Airbnb

We know you usually book Airbnb so you can avoid ridiculous hotel fees and save a few dollars. How very... prudent of you. But what if you decided to live on the edge just this once and blow every single one of your dollars on the most expensive Airbnbs in the country? More fun, right?

Agreed. And to help you do it, we searched the site for the absolute most costly current listing (as of the time of publication) in 25 American cities.

atlanta airbnb kitchen house mansion
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Rate: $750/night
What you get: Entire apartment (accommodates four); two bedrooms; 2.5 bathrooms

This fully furnished apartment is a block from Centennial Park and plenty of Atlanta's bars and restaurants. But if you’re dropping $750 a night, your time might be better spent hanging out solely inside this luxury pad; or on one of its two massive outdoor balconies. Look at that view.

austin pool house airbnb
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Townhome with Master Suite downstai
Rate: $2,846/night
What you get: Entire apartment (accommodates five); two bedrooms

Shelling out nearly $3,000 a night better include some keywords, namely "rooftop swimming pool," "sky lounge," and "gourmet kitchen." Luckily for you, this Austin listing has all three!

boston airbnb kitchen marble
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Mansion Flat in Heart of Back Bay
Back Bay
Rate: $1,250/night
What you get: Entire apartment (accommodates five); three bedrooms; 3.5 bathrooms

This corner brownstone spans 2,800sqft on one level, which probably means nothing to you unless you’re into real estate. So to put it in perspective, that is a little bigger than half a basketball court. (No, thank you, Google.) Still doesn't really help that much, we know, but other treats to look forward to at this recently ($1 million) renovated hotspot are a state-of-the-art kitchen, steam room, and 15 windows -- so, plenty of natural light. Only catch, there's a TEN-night minimum at this bougie bungalow.

airbnb charleston compound houses
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New! Compound East Side Charleston
Rate: $1,200/night
What you get: Entire house (accommodates 10); five bedrooms; four bathrooms

Book this sweet Southern spot for you and nine of your closest bros if you want, but let's be honest, you probably should get more than just ample space, a washer/dryer, and Wi-Fi for $1,200 a night. Oh, and a hair dryer, sorry. No doorman, no pool, no hot tub, no smoking, and no noise between 11pm and 9am. Oh, and no large gatherings, so you might have to leave four of your nine besties at home.

airbnb chicago bathroom
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Unique 6,000 Foot Converted Factory
West Town/Noble Square
Rate: $3,800/night
What you get: Entire condominium (accommodates eight); three bedrooms; 3.5 bathrooms 

This two-floor penthouse has floor-to-ceiling windows, views of the city, and a lot of outdoor space. In fact, a quick tour of this outdoor space reveals a ping-pong table, two fire pits, and a GOLF RANGE. Seriously. There's not much more to be said about this listing, except that booking it in the winter would be an epic fail.

airbnb cleveland bedroom bed
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East 4th Neighborhood Apt! RNC
Rate: $950/night
What you get: Entire apartment (accommodates three); one bedroom; one bathroom

Congratulations on having an extra $950 to burn. Why you picked Cleveland as your city to splurge is another question, but we're not here to judge. The place is a five-minute walk to the Quicken Loans Arena (that's why you're here -- the Cavs!), and there's also free garage parking, a washer/dryer, a king-sized Tempur-Pedic, and a fitness area. We hope you enjoy your stay in the Metropolis of the Western Reserve.

dallas mansion home airbnb driveway


unfurnished home on 2 acres
Northwest Dallas
Rate: $1,800/night
What you get: Entire home (accommodates 16+); two bedrooms; two bathrooms

This sprawling estate sits on two acres of prime Texas territory a mere 12 minutes from Downtown Dallas, and is perfect for that major out-of-town Dallas blowout you've been meaning to throw. The only catch is that there is NO furniture in the house. Like, none. But for $1,800 a night, were you really expecting a bed? So high maintenance.

denver view apartment airbnb
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3bd/3ba 41st floor high-rise GABF
Central Business District
Rate: $800/night
What you get: Entire apartment (accommodates 11); three bedrooms; three bathrooms

Sweeping views of Downtown Denver are the biggest draw to this spacious apartment on the 41st floor. But if altitude is not the only kind of "high" you seek, rest assured that you're in Colorado and that this apartment boasts two balconies -- great should you decide to sample some of the local "product."

honolulu villa airbnb
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Diamondhead Splendor Estate SPECIAL
Rate: $5,000/night
What you get: Entire villa (accommodates 10); four bedrooms; 4.5 bathrooms

This posh pleasure palace in Honolulu's "most prestigious neighborhood" comes with a pool, gourmet kitchen, and rooms that look like they're stolen from the set of The Bachelor. So, it may prove difficult to not make out in the pool with somebody while watching the Hawaiian sunset after 17 daiquiris.

houston mansion airbnb sunset
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The Blossom House - Sleeps 10+!
Rice Military
Rate: $2,800/night
What you get: Entire townhouse (accommodates 10); four bedrooms; 5.5 bathrooms

This might be the perfect place to stay, ESPECIALLY if your dream getaway is... Houston (aka one of the hottest new vacation destinations in the country). And if so, prepare for surround sound, easy access to nearby bars and restaurants, "heavenly" beds, multiple TVs, and a grilling patio. A cleaning service is available mid-week, and the hosts even offer to stock the fridge before your arrival.

airbnb las vegas pool mansion night lit up
Courtesy of Airbnb

Las Vegas

Vegas Luxury Mansion
Sunrise Mountain
Rate: $2,715/night
What you get: Entire home (accommodates 10); five bedrooms; three bathrooms

Soooo... it's not technically ON the Strip. It's not even really walking distance to the Strip. Actually, the only way you are going to see Vegas is when it's all lit up at night, but we're guessing you aren't going to care once you get a look at this infinity pool palace.

The home is on Sunrise Mountain and is part of a 1.5-acre compound overlooking the ENTIRE Vegas Valley -- you can see Mount Charleston, the Strip, and Downtown. The inside is washed in white with awkward asymmetrical furniture and weird twisting staircases, kind of like a set from Beverly Hills, 90210; which is exactly what you'd expect from a Las Vegas luxury rental.

los angeles airbnb house living room bar
Courtesy of Airbnb

Los Angeles

Bel Air/Beverly Crest
Rate: $9,000/night
What you get: Entire house (accommodates eight); seven bedrooms; 8+ bathrooms

Knowing the entire Fresh Prince theme song by heart is the closest you've ever actually come to Bel Air living, but for a cool $9,000/night you can totally make that dream a reality. This sprawling, 13,000sqft mansion (complete with tennis court and pool) is a restored historic former Warner Brothers mansion, which will only impress you if you were into TV shows like Gilmore Girls, Dawson’s Creek, Felicity, Charmed, Angel, Roswell, 7th Heaven, One Tree Hill... OH MY GOD WE LOVE THEM ALL!!! 

However... if you thought you were crashing just off Sunset to party, we're going to have to stop you right there. The host would like to inform you that this is a NO-PARTY HOUSE. "Parties, loud get-togethers or other large gatherings are not allowed. If a party, loud gathering or loud disturbance does occur, you will forfeit your security deposit and be evicted immediately." That said, they genuinely hope you have a great stay. Quietly.

louisville airbnb derby house
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Chic and Modern Old Lou Derby House
Old Louisville
Rate: $2,000/night
What you get: Entire house (accommodates six); three bedrooms; 2.5 bathrooms

With the Kentucky Derby right around the corner, you're probably searching for that perfect place to accommodate all your spaceship-sized hats and seersucker suits. Well, look no further! This Old Louisville homestead is elegant and classy, perfect for all the tiny, barely seeable canapés and mint juleps you WILL be consuming. (But, like, not TOO many juleps because this house is ANOTHER party-free zone.) Hopefully the gas fireplaces, backyard, wrap-around porch, and walkability to Churchill Downs will make up for the fact that you’ll be asleep by 9pm. 

airbnb miami villa
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Beautiful 10 bedroom Villa Brizo
Miami Beach
Rate: $10,000/night
What you get: Entire villa (accommodates 16+); 10 bedrooms, 8+ bathrooms 

For $10,000 a night, this villa better come with Scarface doling out party bags. The 10-bedroom mansion has 7,850sqft of open living space, a pool, and a patio deck. Inside, you'll find a wet bar, gourmet kitchen, wine cellar, master suite, hot tub... should we go on? If you CAN afford this then you've made good life choices. And also... I am free all the time. Like, all the time. 

airbnb minneapolis tv room couch
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New Home built in 2015 -- Very Open
Rate: $2,750/night
What you get: Entire home (accommodates eight); four bedrooms; 2.5 bathrooms

When planning a big weekend getaway, Mill City is probably not the first destination on your list. It's probably not the third or fourth either. But it definitely COULD be the fifth, in which case check out this listing. The brand-new, four-bedroom home comes with fireplaces, optional daily cleaning, in-home cooking/grocery shopping, and even a personal chauffeur. Your hosts insist that they can make nearly any dreams come true. Then again, after booking a Minneapolis vacay how many more dreams could you possibly have?

nashville airbnb house
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2 Minutes to Downtown! Tons of beds
Rate: $1,500/night
What you get: Entire home (accommodates 16+); six bedrooms; 5.5 bathrooms

Get ready for 15ft ceilings, exposed beams, and a marble-tiled walk-in shower for two (for a sexier, sudsier version of the Texas two-step). This house is close to Nashville hotspots like Downtown, Broadway, Music Row, Hillsboro Village, and more. Inside is about as opulent as you can expect from a Southern mansion, with chandeliers, exposed brick, distressed wooden fireplaces, and one helluva sexy red sofa. For those of you out there who don’t do subtle, this may be the Music City mansion for you. 

new orleans airbnb mansion bedroom interior

New Orleans

Garden District
Rate: $10,000/night
What you get: Entire home (accommodates four); four bedrooms; three bathrooms

Truthfully, you're probably renting this opulent Victorian museum if and only if you’re an 85-year-old woman with the small fortune your father left you from his once-booming tobacco business. The gold leaf, red velvet, candelabras, bronze statues holding candelabras, curtains with tassels, and oil paintings of naked babies speak pretty much for themselves. However, if this is music to your hearing aid, what you’ll get is a 4,000sqft space with four private suites (each with its own bathroom), a gourmet kitchen, a pool, gardens, a guest house, and a quick walk to Magazine St (though probably not as quick if you're using your walker).

New York

Entire Brownstone Home with Garden
Rate: $5,000/night
What you get: Entire home (accommodates 10); three bedrooms; 2.5 bathrooms

Like everything else in New York, your money will only get you so much. But, then again, in New York it’s all about the EXPERIENCE, amirite? You’d think for $5,000 a night you'd get a whole lot more than three bedrooms and 2.5 baths, but you'd be wrong. The opportunity to crash in a Soho brownstone, however, will bring you as close to New York royalty as you can get. And once you tell people at the bar that you have outdoor space, they'll be dying to buy you $9 beers.

philadelphia airbnb living room interior
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Home w Huge Kitchen, Skyline views
Southwest Center City
Rate: $2,100/night
What you get: Entire home (accommodates nine); three bedrooms; two bathrooms

A quaint two-level home with a roof deck and views of the Philly skyline; plus, your host is a food writer so you know you'll be getting good restaurant recs. Pretty standard, reasonable listing. Enjoy.


Townhouse Close to PNC Park
East Allegheny 
Rate: $1,150
What you get: Entire townhouse (accommodate four); two bedrooms; 1.5 bathrooms

There's not too much to tease you with at this Pittsburgh townhouse. The listing is close to PNC Park -- so you can go watch the Pirates -- and other Downtown attractions, so you can do other Downtown attraction things. There are infinitely more expensive places to stay outside the city, but those are all inflated because of the US Open golf tournament at Oakmont... so we're not counting those. 

portland airbnb castle interior
Courtesy of Airbnb


13000 sq ft Unbelievable Castle
Forest Park
Rate: $1,099/night
What you get: Entire house (accommodates nine); five bedrooms; six bathrooms

Staying in an unbelievable castle? Infinitely better than staying in a believable one, of course. This palace is named Blackberry Castle, and it’s chock-full of unbelievable amenities like a gym, kitchen, theater room, vineyard and wine cellar, sauna, in-ground trampoline, tree house, and oasis with palm trees. What do you use the oasis for? Does it even matter? For no extra charge, Blackberry Castle comes with its own full-time house manager.

san diego airbnb villa dusk waterfront
Courtesy of Airbnb

San Diego

Buccaneer Way: 116777
Rate: $4,998/night
What you get: Entire villa (accommodates 10); four bedrooms; 5.5 bathrooms

Plenty of room for you, your family, AND your yacht. This posh Cali pad has fireplaces, a pool, hot tub, and gym. Other sweet amenities include a floating patio, swim-up bar, dry sauna, steam room, and roof deck. There's not much to mock about a ridiculously cool house that is reasonably priced. 

san francisco villa mansion airbnb
Courtesy of Airbnb

San Francisco

Luxury Villa Sleeps 40 / hosts 200+
Western Addition/NOPA
Rate: $8,000/night
What you get: Villa (accommodates 16+); 10 bedrooms; 8+ bathrooms

OK, so $8,000 per night doesn't seem that bad when you're splitting it 40 ways -- almost a steal really, if you think about it. The Payne Mansion can be booked for pretty much anything: meetings, conferences, your next bar mitzvah, one of those general balls-to-the-wall kind of SF weekends, whatever. Each bedroom rocks Louis XVI furniture and many of the eight bathrooms boast claw-foot soaking tubs, in case you were considering other places that did not. There’s also an industry-grade kitchen with dumbwaiter, separate breakfast/dessert kitchen (because who likes to eat eggs where they also eat lunch?), an elevator, and a freaking ballroom. And according to the listing, your group will have "complete run of this spacious four-story mansion."

seattle airbnb cube house
Courtesy of Airbnb


Luxurious, Outstanding Views, Central
Queen Anne
Rate: $899/night
What you get: Entire home (accommodates eight); three bedrooms; 3.5 bathrooms

When it comes to staying at this contemporary retreat, complete with views of the Space Needle and one of the world's best skylines, all you have to do is ask. And get it in writing. About everything. Seriously. Pets, please ask. Parties or large events, please ask. Overnight guests, please ask. Smoking? Absolutely not. Not even outside on the spacious outdoor patio. Just don't do it, as it "will not be pleasant." 

So what CAN you do? Well, you can take a 10-minute walk to the restaurants and shopping, you can look at Lake Union, you can use the house for a photo shoot (if you ask, of course). But don't freak out, because your hosts insist that it will be better than any Four Seasons Hotel experience -- even if the Four Seasons does let you smoke outside.

Washington DC airbnb mansion
Courtesy of Airbnb

Washington, DC

Historic Mansion, Large & Imposing
Dupont Circle/Logan Square
Rate: $1,500/night
What you get: Entire home (accommodates 16+); eight bedrooms; six bathrooms

Admittedly, there are still a lot of overinflated listings on the site from last year's Papal visit, but this "imposing" historic mansion appears to go for a cool $1,500 all the time. And why shouldn't it, considering it's the "former Rectory of St. Augustine's Church and the original site of a Civil War Hospital," downright gorgeous, and close to all of the hip 14th St action (did somebody say sexiest neighborhood in America?) Also, there's a sweet roof deck adorned with the original rectory cross.

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