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The most expensive cruise in the world

If a bank-breaking vacation is synonymous with "Tuesday" for you, be sure to crash the most expensive hotel suite in America, eat the most expensive burgers in the world, and drive the known universe's most expensive RV to your giant vault filled with gold and bags of money; Scrooge McDuck was so baller. After taking a swim, start packing for your next round-the-world trip, Silversea's World Cruise -- the most expensive cruise on the planet.

Flickr via Gary Bembridge
You're used to turning left when you board a plane (if you have to fly commercial), so enjoy your first class journey to Los Angeles, your embarkation destination. Upon arrival at the ship, prepare for 115 days of pure indulgence in 49 ports and almost as many countries before concluding in Ft. Lauderdale (which will likely be the first time you utter a "meh").
Ah, the lobby. Decked out with leather couches, mahogany accents, and marble tile, you'll undoubtedly take pause with your personal porter and say, "ah, the lobby". Then you'll continue to your state room and not pass this way again until disembarking.
If you or your cruising companion suffer from megalophobia, it's probably a great idea to pack meds; you'll be staying in the ship's Owner's Suite, boasting two bedrooms, two bathrooms, two verandas, and a bar where you can absolutely make two drinks... or however many drinks you want, because you apparently have more disposable income than some small countries.
Ok, the furniture resembles that of a finely decorated banquet hall, but perhaps you can allow this decor digression -- as this is actually part of your living and dining room.
Your aforementioned bar; since you're on this particular cruise, it's probably safe to say you'll be content drinking champagne out of a diamond-encrusted chalice on one of the many settess. "Should I buy a submarine, or a spaceship", you might muse between sips, "you know, to use on the weekends?"

You'll have the chance to experience Tahiti, Australia, Bali, Hong Kong (pictured above), Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, the Maldives, Zanzibar, Madagascar (the movie's actually based on a real place, you guys!), South Africa, all those pretty Caribbean places that start with "Saint", and a whole lot more. But all good things must come to an end (sorry, Ft. Lauderdale), and on the first of May 2015 you'll find yourself on a first class flight back home to Duckburg (included in the price tag!), with a bill for $346,500 hitting your Black Card.

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