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The most sophisticated rain boots you've ever seen

Leighton Pope

Constructed using 3M Scotchguard treated nylon, SWIMS offer a great alternative to the rain boots typically seen on peculiar old dock men who only come around during torrential rains and ominously remark, "water's a-risin'." They'll also come in handy this season for traveling to places where inclement weather can strike at a moment's notice (looking at you Fergus Falls, Minnesota). Check these out...

Leighton Pope
1. SWIMS Charles II Hightop in Gunsmoke/White   2. SWIMS Charles II Hightop in Green/Brown

Available in two color-ways, the Charles II incorporates a stylish brogue element without sacrificing its water-resistancy.

Leighton Pope
1. SWIMS Harry Boot in Mud Brown   2. SWIMS Harry Boot in Brown/Orange

The Harry is crafted from calf leather and water-resistant fabric, with a design that allows it to "morph between a winter boot and a galosh." It'll serve as a more casual option for semi-formal banquets held in puddles. 

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