Normal People Rejoice: Popular Tourist Sites Are Banning Selfie Sticks

Published On 03/12/2015 Published On 03/12/2015

Selfie sticks. You either love 'em and use yours all the time, or -- if you’re a classy cultural institution (or just a decent human being) -- hate 'em and think they should be banned. Well, guess what? That's starting to happen.

Officials from the Palace of Versailles near Paris, and London’s National Gallery despise the photo contraption so much they banned them altogether on Wednesday, joining a number of cultural sites, including museums and soccer stadiums, that are cracking down on selfie sticks.

According to the Associated Press, the latest popular tourist spots to prohibit the silly sticks did so “to protect the artworks and other visitors."

While Paris’ largest museum, the Louvre, has yet to implement a ban, both the National Portrait Gallery in London and the Centre Georges Pompidou (essentially Paris’ version of MoMA) are both reviewing their policies on the unsightly accessory. 

For your reference, here's a list of major sites that've told tourist to stick their selfie sticks where the sun don't shine... You know, the closet.

United States

Smithsonian Museums - Washington, D.C.
The Metropolitan Museum of Art - New York, NY
The Museum of Modern Art - New York, NY
The Art Institute of Chicago - Chicago, IL
Detroit Institute of Arts - Detroit, MI
The Chrysler Museum of Art - Norfolk, VA

United Kingdom

Premier League soccer stadiums across the UK
The National Gallery - London
The National Portrait Gallery - London (currently reviewing its stance on selfie sticks)


The Colosseum - Rome


Musee d'Orsay - Paris
Centre Georges Pompidou - Paris (currently reviewing its stance on selfie sticks)
Palace of Versailles - Versailles


Albertina Museum - Vienna


Soccer stadiums across the country
[Carnival parades in Rio de Janeiro also prohibited the device.]



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