Sweet rooms overlooking PDX's living room

Located smack in the middle of downtown outside Pioneer Courthouse Square (a.k.a., "Portland's Living Room") The Nines is like a city unto itself, with art hanging on every wall, two high-end restaurants w/ equally high-end bars, and enough comfy nooks and crannies for you to explore the building all day and not see the same lobby twice.

Rooms boast spectacular views of the city and the interior garden, not to mention plush beds and 42in flatscreens.

Those aforementioned multiple lobbies rock swank furniture, mini art galleries, and private sitting rooms where you can chill with a cocktail and desperately look for any celebs who call The Nines home when filming in PDX.

This library area looks like it was designed by Teddy Roosevelt, and includes many leather-bound books, a billiards table, an antler chandelier, and at least one really awkward painting.

Up on the eighth floor, steakhouse Urban Farmer serves high-end meals all day in a dining room loaded with reclaimed Douglas fir. They also have one of the city's most lauded cocktail programs, which's more whiskey-centric than 1980s Robert Downey Jr.

Go up seven more floors (that's 15, dude!) to find Asian-fusion hotspot Departure, lorded over by one of Portland's most charismatic chefs, who does crazy stuff with hum bao and duck dinners. On the weekends, it becomes a hoppin' club where ladies shake it to live DJs while slugging sriracha martinis.

Departure also has one of the best rooftop bars in town, where you can kick it at a fire pit and look down on the concerts and festivals in the Square without having to dodge a million Green Peace volunteers. Suck it, Portland!