As stylish as it is old

Sometimes the best hotels are the ones that tell you exactly what they are, like the old school grand madame of MSP lodging known as the Saint Paul Hotel, which, with it's downtown locale and epic scope, lives up to its title as the St. Paul hotel

Proof of its "it-ness": you're greeted by doormen with white gloves and tails who are total professionals, and thus won't judge you for showing up in Air Force 1s and a hoodie

Once you're inside, though, the lobby's marble columns, tufted leather couches, and tear-drop crystal chandeliers will definitely make you feel under-dressed

The crisply-made staff at their classic-American house resto, The St. Paule Grille, will only judge your grotesque consumption

That old-school leather valise of yours will fit right in in one of their regal guest rooms

Or you could drop some real coin and end up in one of four spacious suites named after famous historical Minnesotans who aren't Michelle Bachman

Photos: Saint Paul Hotel