Being on a boat with Rivers Cuomo is the most normal thing on this list

Weezer Cruise

Thought you had plans for October 18-21? Well think again, you '90s pop-loving SOB, because the The Mark McGrath and Friends Cruise has been cancelled due to "that poop cruise", according to McGrath himself. But just because you can't awesomely see Smash Mouth, Sugar Ray, Gin Blossoms, Spin Doctors, and Vertical Horizon doesn't mean there aren't other totes bizarro cruise options out there for you. Here are the seven craziest ones we could dig up

The Weezer Cruise: You know who's not going to let a little poop stand between them and a badass rock-and-roll cruise? Weezer. Their Florida-to-Bahamas rock-a-palooza sets sail on Feb 13th, 20014, and comes complete with "private island beach party". Though the other acts haven't been announced yet, Dinosaur Jr., The Antlers, and Wavves were all on their first go 'round. Feb 13-17... Book it.

Cruise Trek (a.k.a., The Star Trek Cruise): Basically a week-long, floating Star Trek convention that also includes a two-day tour of the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN) in Geneva at the outset. This year's takes the Seine River from Geneva to Paris from 10.23-11.1.

The Saw Cruise: Basically a week-long, floating Saw convention as the Carnival Glory becomes the Carnival GORY (rimshot!). Dates are still TBA, but the second iteration of the trip is sure to be killer. Or maybe just super weird. Heres' the low-down on how a Saw cruise works.

The Whodunnit Murder Mystery Cruise: Billed as "the most diabolical comedy murder mystery on the high seas" (mainly because it's, uh, the only comedy murder mystery on the high seas), Whodunnit's got a Cali to Mexico jaunt coming up on Halloween aboard the Carnival Inspiration. You'll be inspired to ask "whodunnit" about their radical web design when you click here.

The Steampunk Cruise: Because nothing says "Bahamian cruise" more than donning multi-layered leather and wool outfits and pretending it's neo-futuristic 1890, some cats created Steampunk Cruises: a high-seas celebration with all the Steampunk celebs a Jules Verne-loving dude could imagine. 2014 transports you from Jersey to the Bahamas and back.

High Seas Rally Biker Cruise: Created by some diehard motorcycle ralliers who were tired of the commercialization of their rallies (and apparently of their actual motorcycles), this motorcycle-free sea-faring rally hits St. Maarten and St. Thomas by way of South Florida, all whilst bikers have on-ship activities that range from hippie night to "The Belly Smacker Contest" -- a belly flop contest involving some seriously epic bellies. See for yourself and/ or book your spot for their November voyage.

Quilting Cruise: Seven days of nothing but quilting. Literally. Any questions? Next chance to "sewcialize" is Alaska in June.