Which US Colleges Have the Highest-Paid Graduates?

Published On 06/19/2015 Published On 06/19/2015

Forget what The Princeton Review says: just because you went to an Ivy doesn't mean you're going to be drinking Cristal on a yacht with Diddy. Oh, that's not what The Princeton Review says?

Well, the Brookings Institution has released a study that ranks two- and four-year colleges based on the salaries earned by graduates. Harvard is noticeably missing, along with the rest of the Ivy League. Sorry guys, we're sure things will turn out mostly okay, though.

For the rankings, the study considered mid-career earnings, occupational earnings, and student loan repayment. Mid-career earnings are based on what graduates are expected to earn (based on things like standardized test scores, financial aid or Pell grant award amounts, race, gender, age, and type of college) compared to actual earnings, using data collected from -- the difference between the two is the value added by the college they attended.

In lieu of the precious Ivies, the schools with the top-earning graduates are largely tech schools (ah, those sweet-paying computer science and engineering degrees), but some unlikely liberal arts colleges, like Carleton College and Colgate University, also made the list. Go figure!

Here are the top 10 schools for high-paid grads, based on mid-career earnings. Did your school make the cut?

10. Stanford University 
9. Manhattan College
8. Clarkson University
7. SUNY Maritime College
6. Washington and Lee University
5. Carleton College
4. Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology 
3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology 
2. Colgate University
1. California Institute of Technology 

h/t Fast Company

Lucy Meilus is a staff writer for Thrillist. Her liberal arts school didn't make the list, but she is still currently drinking Cristal on a yacht with Diddy anyway. Follow her to glamour at @Lucymeilus and send news tips to



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