Like a glass house on wheels

Sure, travel trailers may make for more comfy camping than tents, but is it really worth it if the only time you'll feel like you're in the Great Outdoors will be if it gets stuck in the Blu-ray player? Solution: The Vistabule, a sleek teardrop trailer that marries the comforts and protection of a mini home with enough glass to ensure you can get up close and personal with whatever murderous beasts lurk just outside.Inside, a queen-bed-sized living area packs in a pull-out sofa bed, swing-out tables, working lights, and a fan for comfort, while a pop-top rear galley houses a sink, two pull-out burners, and designated storage for dishes and coolers. But it's the five "vista windows" that will fully immerse you in your surroundings, and an enormous, angled skylight that'll have you sleeping under the stars... hopefully none of whom were in The Great Outdoors, as John Candy would straight suffocate you.

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