The weirdest planes on, or off, the earth

When was the last time you saw something bad happen to a plane with Pokemon on the side? Other than it being mercilessly mocked & ridiculed by all the other planes on the runway? If you answered "never", you are correct, because when a plane gets a hilarious makeover, that's pretty much the worst thing that's going to happen to it -- so, next time you're boarding a flight, just pray if it can measure up to one of these beauts.

Hilarious planes

A Swiss military plane that's both camoflauge and incognito.

Dog face airplane

Leave it to the Germans... those dogs.

Angry Birds plane

If we understand this right, this plane is soon going to split up into four smaller planes.

Angry Birds plane

...And this one will stubbornly stay exactly where it is...

Angry Birds plane

... But alas, they're not real. They're just the very, very detailed and lifelike fiction of a digital artist (who clearly has almost as much time on his hands as a dude reading an article about crazy-looking airplanes).

Airbus Super Transporter

This godforsaken beluga whale of the sky (literally, they call the Airbus Super Transporter "Beluga"), however, is all too real. Bet you didn't think a plane could make you shudder.

Boeing Dreamlifter

The Boeing Dreamlifter's no looker either... That is, unless you find the ability to carry unprecedented cargo loads attractive.

Hilarious Air France plane

If this was real, it was totally because Air France was overcompensating for being French.

Pepsi Concorde

This skinny lil' Concorde might be super fast, but definitely doesn't look like it'd provide max headroom.

Japan Airlines
Japan Airlines

Your plane could have a Japanese boy band on the side. Remember that.

Qantas kangaroo plane

Wonder if Qantas knows the Aborigines have been elaborately tagging their planes again.

Pokemon airplane

The thing about this plane is, while you're ogling it, it's also taking a pikachu.

This Way Up plane

Shouldn't they put that sign somewhere the pilot can see it?

Instructables plane

Seriously, how is Kulula Airlines teaching their pilots?

Steamboat Willie airplane

Hmm. Not sure that Steamboat Willie is qualified to be piloting that Japan Airlines passenger plane.

Avis rental car ad plane

Add placement this good for Avis really Hertz their competitors. Zing!

Simpsons plane

Doh! Show's over.