The World's Top Landmarks of 2015, According to TripAdvisor

Published On 06/04/2015 Published On 06/04/2015

You already know about the best tourist attractions in every US state, but it's time to get to what's really important: what world landmarks would make your Instagram followers the most jealous?

To assist you in your endeavor to get at least 150 likes, at least, TripAdvisor has released a list of the top 25 world landmarks, according to user reviews. 

The Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia, which placed sixth last year, was ranked no. 1. Also on the list is Christ the Redeemer, the Brazilian statue most famous for this important moment in history, as well as the Taj Mahal and Alcatraz, among others. Not too many of the top sites come as surprises -- but that's all the more reason you need to check them off your own IG bucket list.

Check out the top 10 landmarks below, and start thinking of clever captions that make your temple pictures seem like, super low-key but also totally impressive.


10. Golden Gate Bridge

San Francisco, California, USA


9. Cristo Redentor

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


8. Alcatraz 

San Francisco, California, USA


7. Milan Cathedral 

Milan, Italy


6. St. Peter's Basilica

Vatican City, Italy


5. La Sagrada Familia 

Barcelona, Spain


4. Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Abu Dhabi, UAE


3. Taj Mahal

Agra, India


2. Machu Picchu

Cusco Region, Peru


1. Angkor Wat

Siem Reap, Cambodia

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