The Worst Real-Life Hotel Guests Ever, According to Housekeepers


Let’s be honest, hotel maids deserve every cent of that that tip you always forget to leave them. They do backbreaking work, make almost no money, and spend pretty much every day cleaning up somebody’s disgusting mess.

And even more so than the rest of the hotel staff you’re currently infuriating, they come into direct (and usually gross) contact with the absolute worst guests. Which is why we asked a handful of current and retired hotel housekeepers to identify the most egregious offenders. Here are a few of the folks they called out:

Dudes who show off their junk

“I have seen a lot of penises from knocking on hotel room doors. Sometimes it’s an honest accident, like if a bathrobe isn’t fully adjusted. But other times, a guy comes out fully naked, and it is very intentional and very, very creepy.”

The paranoid and the OCD

“There have been a couple guests who wanted to watch me clean their rooms, everything from making the bed to scrubbing the toilet.”

Flickr/Andrew Bardwell

Crappy parents...

“You think fingerprints on glass are bad? Try ketchup smeared all over the walls and Tostitos crushed into the carpet.”

...and their kids who crap everywhere

“There’s poop on the carpets about twice a year.”


The partiers

“It was the day after Halloween, and there had clearly been a party in the room -- beer bottles, face paint all over furniture and mirrors, and the bathroom sink full of vomit.”

People who don’t properly dispose of syringes, naturally

“I was once changing a garbage bag in a bathroom and felt a sharp stab on my hand. It was a needle. I had get various painful tests and vaccinations for weeks after.”

Flickr/Sana Lee

Messy pancake eaters

“The couch was covered in syrup. I think it was syrup... I really hope it was syrup.”

And the bleeders? Gross.

“Blood is common. Once I had to throw out all the bedding, there was blood all over the bed and even the pillows. They did leave a tip, though.”

Your doctor, while having an affair

“I once saw my family doctor leaving a hotel room with a woman. What made it strange is that I know his wife. No, we’ve never spoken about it.”

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Barbara Woolsey’s mom was a hotel housekeeper for over 20 years. You can follow Barbara’s adventures on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (sometimes her mom makes a cameo, too).