The Worst Things Nobody Tells You About the Countries They Visit

People come back from vacation and kind of sugarcoat everything. Even on a trip where they spent the entire time trying not to freeze to death, they'll typically return and say something like, "You know, aside from the desolate frozen wasteland and 14 straight days of blizzards, Siberia was BEAUTIFUL!" And then they go on to tell you about how welcoming everyone was, and how you really should learn to appreciate borscht.

But nobody really sees the world through such rose-colored glasses, and when granted the anonymity of the internet, we probably all have some terrible things to say about countries we've visited. Which is why it's fun to read what Redditors chose to omit about certain countries in order to keep their travel tales positive. Let's just say there were a lot of accusations of racism, but those aside, here are some of the highlights:

shanghai china things travelers don't tell you
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Nobody in China can drive

Venice stinks, like literally

morocco moroccan toilet
<a href=";pl=edit-00">The Visual Explorer</a> / <a href=";pl=edit-00"></a>

Morocco needs more toilet paper!

Australia is ridden with... flies?

Peru is full of stray dogs

New Zealand may as well be Albuquerque: so much meth

Italy is COVERED in graffiti

Brazil is filthy...

Floridians are a bunch of cheaters