Nightmare Fuel: Cable Snaps on Theme Park Slingshot Ride

Published On 08/11/2015 Published On 08/11/2015

If you were already hesitant to hop on any theme park ride but the teacups, this probably won't help much: a recent video from the South of France shows the terrifying moment when a slingshot-style ride at Luna Park suffered a catastrophic cable malfunction -- y'know, the one thing you don't want to fail on your ride.

Check it out:


Fortunately, the only casualty was a 24-year-old who suffered a broken leg. Luna Park has since closed the ride, reportedly blaming the elastic cable's failure on a "manufacturing defect," which apparently isn't as uncommon as you'd hope. Here's another video of a similar incident from a Wisconsin amusement park in July:

So yeah, no thanks. Instead of gambling with death while you're on the French Mediterranean coast, why not hit up one of the best nude beaches in Europe nearby? Nipples are infinitely preferable to whiplash, after all.

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