These US Cities Work the Longest Hours


Europeans often make fun of hardworking Americans, what with our go-getter attitudes, "take away" coffee, and inability to relax. Sadly, being overworked is as American as Mark Twain, these days.

But, really, there's truth to it, and some Americans are really taking being a workaholic to new extremes. And new data shows which city's got it worst.
According to a New study by New York’s Comptroller, Big Apple residents have it just as bad as the stereotypes suggest. Power hungry, fast-paced, never-say-sleep New Yorkers spend the most hours slaving away every day, when factoring in time spent in daily commutes and at the office. However, when commute is taken out of the equation, the numbers show that San Franciscans spend the most hours actually at their desks. Apparently getting that trendy, new startup off the ground means giving up the outside world.
The politicians in DC and cowboys from Houston and Fort Worth just miss their tired-eyed coastal brothers by a slim margin. In fact, it was a close race all around. Here are the total weekly hours spent on the way to and at work for each of the 10 most over-worked cities:

10. Seattle – 47.23
9. Baltimore – 47.25
8. Charlotte – 47.35
7. Boston – 47.36
5. Chicago – 48.01
5. Fort Worth – 48.01 (tied with Chicago)
4. Houston – 48.18
3. Washington DC – 48.39
2. San Francisco – 48.58
1. New York – 49.08
Check out the fun infographic provided by the San Francisco Business Times to see how each city stacked up in the other categories: