L ike just about everyone in America in a given week, you're dreaming of some kind of New Orleans trip. Which is terrific -- we'd love to have you! But you have to appreciate that people come here and hit major snags. They budget too much time for the French Quarter and too much money for bad drinks. They get pleasantly, publicly buzzed, and then take leave of their common sense… which, trust me, you'll need here. Why, you don't think you're the first freewheeling visitor the locals here have met, do you?
You'll have a great time, so long as you take a sec to get savvy. Before you run rampant down Rampart, keep a few things in mind to make your trip -- and our lives -- as smooth as possible.

Don't fall for scammers who want to bet about your shoes

You're wandering down the street, drink in hand, chilling, when an aggressively friendly person sidles up and says, "I bet you $10 I can guess where you got those shoes." Spoiler: It's a grift. The answer will be, "You got one on your right foot, and one on your left." Or, "You got them on Bourbon Street, in New Orleans, Louisiana." And then the smile will fade from their face as they stare into your soul awaiting payment. It's just easier to use those shoes to walk away, or say, "I'm a local."
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