Explore the Pyramids and So Much More In Egypt's Ancient Capital

Published On 11/11/2019 Published On 11/11/2019
Great Sphinx
Cairo has a lot to offer, including its unique food and of course, the pyramids | Jeff_Hu/E+/Getty Images
Feast your eyes on The Great Mosque of Muhammad Ali Pasha | Angel Villalba/Moment/Getty Images
You have options when it comes to choosing where to stay during your visit | hadynyah/E+/Getty Images
You know you want a picture standing next to these giants | Carl Ning/EyeEm/Getty Images
Cairo isn't the most walkable city, so consider using Uber or the metro train to get around | ugurhan/E+/Getty Images
The Khan al-Khalili bazaar is one of Cairo's main attractions | Marco Di Lauro/Stringer/Getty Images News