This Punk Rock European Capital Is Seriously Underrated

Published On 05/17/2019 Published On 05/17/2019
Eric Danhier
The Zinneke Parade. | Eric Danhier/Visit Brussels
Brussels is a bit like a defiant teenager. | Visit Brussels
Rue des Bouchers is one of 19 distinct districts ripe for exploring. | Visit Brussels
it’s easy to feel like you fit in when you’re in a place as diverse as Brussels. | Sylvain Sonnet/ Photodisc/Getty
Jesse Warren/Moment/Getty Images
We're up all night to get hoppy in Brussels. | Max shen/Moment/getty
While the street art isn’t all sexually explicit, it is almost always making a bold statement. | Visit Brussels
There is a museum for every taste. | Visit Brussels
The water canal in Bruges, Belgium. | Alexander Spatari/Moment/Getty