One of Mexico’s Best Beach Destinations Is Still Totally Overlooked by Americans

Published On 12/12/2019 Published On 12/12/2019
It's time to add this underrated city to your vacation bucket list. | ALEJANDRO CASTRO MARTÍNEZ/MOMENT OPEN/GETTY
Rich culture and beautiful beach views -- what more could you ask for? | Walter Bibikow/DigitalVision/Getty
If you truly want the "local" experience," Mazatlan is the place for you. | Walter Bibikow/DigitalVision/Getty
The best time to visit Mazaltan? Try to go in the fall to get the best temps. | Travel Bug/Shutterstock
Soak up the sun at one of Mazatlan's beaches. | photomatz/Shutterstock
Take a stroll through the Golden Zone, one of the main tourist spots of Mazatlan. | ackats/Shutterstock
Let's get into this plate of ceviche | Matt Mawson/Moment Open/Getty Images
The party never ends at La Consentida in Mazatlan. | La Consentida Mzt
Chill beachside at El Cid Castilla Hotel de Playa. | Courtesy of El Cid Hotels & Resorts