Dragon and Tiger Pagodas at lotus lake, Kaohsiung, Taiwan | JethuynhCan/Moment/getty images
ToFu-Rock, HoPing Island, Taiwan | ToFu-Rock, HoPing Island
Taipei 101 Scrape, Taiwan | kecl/Moment/getty images
Juifen Teahouses, the touristy mountain town of Juifen in Taiwan. | Thant Zaw Wai/Moment/Getty Images
Twin-Hearts Stone Weir in Penghu Beach, Taiwan | GoranQ/E+/Getty Images
Flower Vase Rock, Xiaoliuqiu, Taiwan | Richie Chan/shutterstock
Rhododendron, Taroko National Park, Taiwan | higrace photo/Moment/getty image
Rainbow village, Taiwan | asiastock/shutterstock