This creepy panel van is actually an un-creepy motorhome

If you remember any after-school specials from growing up, you know: a) never to talk to strangers, b) crack is wack, and c) never get inside a panel van with blacked-out windows. Turning the latter childhood lesson on its ear is Danbury Motorcaravan's Doubleback, the UK motorcoach's conversion system that turns the VW T5 Transporter van into a functional motorhome, complete with an extendable rear pod for sleeping, storage, and a fully-working kitchen w/ spacious lounge area.

On the outside, the Doubleback looks like any run-of-the-mill van you've taken to the beach, music festival, or killed picked up a hitchhiker in, and offers a more maneuverable and compact option to navigating country back roads than that of a full-size Winnie. But with a flip of a switch...

BAM. Double the size.

Unlike old school panel vans with tight, cramped seating and unknown sticky substances on the floor, when extended, the cabin actually reveals a pretty posh living space with a lounge area that can seat four. The rear pod also converts into a double bed, with an additional drop-down bed in the roof for another two people. Your mobile sleepover is only just the beginning.

There's also a fully-functioning kitchen with a two-burner stove, sink, and fridge for your brews.

And when you aren't sleeping or telling your friends about the fate of the last person you knew to get into an unmarked panel van, the beds collapse to the sides and offer enough room in the rear pod for bikes, surfboards, and additional s'mores provisions.

Unfortunately the T5 Doubleback isn't available to purchase directly in the US -- because the base VW T5 model they use to covert isn't available stateside, if you want to get you hands on one, you'll need to get it shipped on your own dime. Check out this video to persuade yourself how awesomely worth it it'll be!