This Woman Travels the World for Not One But Two Livings

Which career is the most fun? Half of you said DJ, half of you said travel writer. Courtney Scott doesn’t have to choose. A decade ago she did what you dream about every day when she quit her job, moved to Italy, and began blogging about her experiences. Her journal blossomed into a global travel experience site, where she not only documents her adventures, but instructs you how to do the same, or just choose your next trip. Or you can find her in the comments section fielding her readers’ questions and requests for advice before they follow her footsteps. Then head over to her 27k-strong Instagram account to see what she’s up to day to day. Oh, and while keeping her blog and social media lively, she’s also spinning her music at hotels and clubs. If you should find yourself in Nevada at the end of August, though, catch her set at Burning Man.

Whew! It’s a lot to keep track of, but she stays on top of everything with her Samsung Chromebook Plus -- a 360° convertible device combining the power of Chromebook and versatility of a tablet. From here she can run all the apps that, in turn, run her business, without missing a moment of fun during her trip to San Francisco. She’s working in the cloud even when she’s stuck in Karl the Fog. Turns out a lot of possibilities open up when you can work from anywhere.