The Pros (and Cons) of Living in a Very Famous House

The Thrillist Explorers podcast looks into how three TV and movie houses turned into bona fide travel attractions.

friends house
“Your love life’s DOAAAAA!” | Raquel Rodr/Shutterstock
“Your love life’s DOAAAAA!” | Raquel Rodr/Shutterstock

If you find yourself in the West Village in Manhattan, crossing through the intersection of Bedford and Grove, you'll almost definitely see people craning their necks and posing for pics in front of the seemingly ordinary apartment building on the southeast corner. They're here to see a different type of New York landmark: the apartment building from Friends.

Even though the actual show was shot at a soundstage in Los Angeles, droves of gawkers still show up to snap a photo and tell their followers why they're more of a Phoebe than a Ross. 

In this episode of the Thrillist Explorers podcast (listen here! Spotify! Apple Podcasts! iHeart Radio!) host Wil Fulton talks to superfans and a manager of the Little Owl, the restaurant underneath the building that is—to the disappointment of many—NOT Central Perk.

goonies house
Goonies never say die! | Adam Reck/Shutterstock

Meanwhile on the other side of the country, hundreds of thousands of "movie tourists" have turned the picturesque town of Astoria, Oregon into a bona fide attraction—much to the chagrin of the woman who currently occupies the iconic home from The Goonies. How does the town balance their nostalgia-induced tourism with the privacy of residents?

And what happens when a famous house goes on the market? Thrillist Staff Writer Emma Stefansky interviews two Pennsylvania real estate agents tasked with selling the infamously creepy house from Silence of the Lambs. It puts the lotion in the basket!

Finally, show producer Mia Faske wonders "who actually lives in San Francisco's legendary Painted Ladies?" featured in Full House's opening credits... and then found someone who actually does.

Listen to the full episode, right here!

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