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Trek The Rockies by Horseback

Mount up on a glorious steed as you traverse the Colorado Rockies' backcountry for a six day, five night camping adventure. You'll be provided with the essentials (see: tent, backpack, map to Curly's gold) and when not gallivanting around on a horse, have time for fishing and day hikes.

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girl in waterfall

Costa Rica Monkey Tours

If you're looking for a Costa Rican jungle adventure that includes ziplining, kayaking, tubing, awesome lodging (that's totally off the beaten path), and lasts a full eight days and seven nights, you're in luck!

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hotel chairs at el secreto

El Secreto

If you fancy San Pedro, but constantly find yourself saying "if only there was a small, secluded resort only accessible by boat with thatch-roofed villas that each have their own plunge pool and private outdoor patio", you'd be privy to check out El Secreto. There's also world-class diving and seafood sourced from local fishermen, so yeah, this place rocks.

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Maharaja Luxury Tour

Take a 15-day tour across India from New Delhi to Mumbai, which sees you taking a cruise on the Ganges, peeping the Taj Mahal at sunrise, hanging with some big cats (tigers and leopards), and crashing at crazy-baller hotels like The Oberoi in Udaivilas.

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Ace Adventure

Wild Is Wonderful on the Gauley River

Take a two-night camping/rafting trip down the Gauley River (25 miles of rafting bliss... or chaos) courtesy of ACE Adventure Resort. You'll be paired up with some veteran guides, one of which is hopefully Meryl Streep, and take a day-long rafting trip with adrenaline pumping rapids and live entertainment at night... also hopefully Meryl Streep. I mean, have you seen The River Wild?!

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